Small talk with Quinten about winter at Biergarten, Mario kart and our new menu.

What are your duties at Biergarten?

I have been working at Biergarten for 4 years now. I started as an all-round employee behind the bar and on the terrace. To keep the work challenging, I have taken on some management tasks since last summer. 

What do you like most about Biergarten? 

As an employee, I am most proud of the busy summer evenings that Biergarten has to offer. There is a lot of variation in the events, some events are very popular. Silent disco festival and BlokBlok for example. 

As a visitor, I find it much more pleasant to come on a relaxed weekday or evening. The atmosphere is totally different, very relaxed and friendly. Perfect to enjoy a nice special beer with it, because we have plenty.

How do you still try to create entertainment for visitors?

In the winter we have fewer events at Biergarten, but we’re still open for 4 days a week. (Wednesday to Saturday from 4 PM to midnight) Luckily it is a season that brings warmth and cosiness in dark and cold days. 

Guests can come by for a board game, shuffle board, nail hammering, cornhole, beer pong or sit down in the living room where Mario kart can be played on a real Nintendo 64. The menu is adapted to winter delicacies and hot drinks. In short, it is a completely different setting from Summer. Luckily there are heaters all over the terrace so I don’t have to suffer from cold when I’m at work. 

What’s your high score with Mario kart? 

Unfortunately, none of my high scores stayed at the top of the charts after a week of gaming by the fanatical guests. 

If you have to reveal a hidden gem from the winter menu, which dish or drink would you recommend and why? 

For a delicious and surprising dish on the menu, I would go for the onion soup. It fits perfectly with the cold weather, fills well and tastes great. For a drink, I would recommend our new special beers. Especially for the winter, we selected some more exclusive beers with different flavours and limited stock certainly worth a try. 

Isn’t it terribly cold to work outside in the winter? How do you deal with this? 

First of all, get well dressed. But we have converted the terrace with a lot of heaters to provide warmth to every table.  If it starts to freeze, there will be an extra shelter from the wind. A large fire pit is also in the planning. Shortly said: there is always a warmth at Biergarten! 

What are your plans for NYE this year?

Since a few years, we organize an intimate New Yer’s Eve party in Biergarten. Over the years it gets bigger and cosier. I don’t mind working during New Year’s Eve. It’s always fun with colleagues and of course we also pop a bottle of champagne when the clock strikes at 12 o’clock.

Event: The Notorius BG – New Years Eve at Biergarten Rotterdam
Pre-sale tickets only 8,-, get yours now!

Thursday 28 November: Biergarten Beerpong Tournament

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