Who’s Ellis? 
Well, I’m a northerner from Preston. But I’ve probably told everyone it’s Manchester.  

What is your position at Biergarten?
I’d say I’m an all-rounder at Biergarten. I do a bit of everything. 

How long have you worked at Biergarten?
2 seasons so far

How did you discover Biergarten?
I found out about Biergarten trough a friend. Went down to check it out and fell in love. 

What do you think of Biergarten as a place in the city?
Biergarten is that kind of place to go with friends. Good beer, music and service! It’s by far one of the best places to visit. In winter, Biergarten creates that’s cosy warm feeling, with games and dark beers! So it’s an all round good place to visit if you’re in the area!

What do you think of the visitors who come to Biergarten?
The people who come to BG are defiantly up for a good time! As we have a large selection of beers available we tend to get a lot of people who like a good beer which you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. 

You have a lot of knowledge about speciality beers, why is that?
I feel to sell a special beer, one must have knowledge about the beer to really give our customers an experience. Where the beers from, the type and of course, the taste!

What do you think is the best beer at Biergarten and why?
I think in my opinion. The best beer we ever had is De Dochter van de Korenaar Noblesse, it’s a pale ale with sweet notes. Or the millionaire from wild beer which is a chocolate stout.

What is your favourite dish in the kitchen?
Favourite Dish is probably at the moment is the French onion soup. Honestly can’t think of anything more perfect in the cold weather.

What is your favourite event at Biergarten?
By far the best event is the Silent Disco! Probably the best in the area. A battle between bars! 

Food & Drinks
31 December
The Notorious BG | New Years Eve at Biergarten Rotterdam
Jeff Solo, MeSoJorny, Mr Nice Guy

The Notorious BG
New Years Eve at Biergarten Rotterdam

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Sicker than your average!
Back again in The Notorious BG a.k.a. the Biergarten Rotterdam; a New Years Eve filled with excitement, fireworks, champagne and bangers from the golden era! The heat will not only be brought to you by the heaters but also by a selection of DJ’s that will rock the spot like it has never been rocked before!
Slide into 2020 with an exclamation mark!

Sip Champagne when we thirsty!
♫ Jeff Solo
♫ MeSoJorny
♫ Mr Nice Guy
♫ more to be announced

Doors open: 23:00 hrs.
End: 05:00 hrs day one of 2020.
Pre-sale: € 8,– / Door-sale: € 10,–

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Mr Nice Guy

Mr Nice Guy

oud en nieuw Biergarten New years Eve

Biergarten New years Eve

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