Small talk with Diewertje Overbeeke about her career at Mess and NYE.

Who is Diewertje, how did you end up at Mess and what is your role? 

My name is Diewertje. I have been working for Mess for about 6 years now. I started my career at Biergarten, after which I left to Ayla for a short adventure. I also spent some time at The Suicide Club. Eventually I ended up at Biergarten again. I became manager here 5 years ago and I alternate between the summer and winter season.  In the summer you can find me in Biergarten and in the winter at Ayla. 

Which season do you feel most at home in, winter or summer?

The summer season is the most enjoyable time to work. The people are happier, the energy is more positive, and I can get a nice tan while at work. I love the summer evenings when there is a salsa band playing in the Biergarten, the variety in the program also ensures that there is always a different kind of people coming to Biergarten.

Why does working at Biergarten never gets boring?

Even though I have been working as a manager at Biergarten for 5 years, things don’t get boring. After the winter break in March it is always takes an effort to create a new, friendly and productive team with whom you can take on the summer season. Biergarten itself is also changing. This year, self-tapping points have been placed on the terrace that we can use in the summer. This has reduced the hustle and bustle at the bar on a summer Friday night, something that was desperately needed! 

Radio station Operator has been added a few years ago, we have been able to place fixed containers and much more. We did good work the past few years.

Where do you get satisfaction from in your work? 

I really like the chaos that can occur in the Biergarten. Sometimes you work on a Friday with a solid team and you manage to get through the evening with the whole team. But sometimes it may be unexpectedly busy, and if you are short of staff things will get though. When we’re done at the end of the evening I’m really proud that we fixed the chaos, the real teamwork vibe.

In the winter you don’t work at the Biergarten, how does that work exactly? 

In winter, the busy period starts at another Mess restaurant: Ayla. I like crowds and chaos, which can certainly be found at Ayla in the winter. During the cozy winter months, you will find me mainly as a visitor at Biergarten to play a game or to eat onion soup. Except with New Year’s Eve! Every year Biergarten organizes a very cozy and intimate New Year’s Eve party. I think it’s great to swap Ayla for Biergarten for one night. 

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