Jorn de Vries about Operator x Biergarten

Who is Jorn?

You have probably seen Jorn around Biergarten. This is not surprising, since being the founder of graphic design firm almost Modern who designs all of Biergarten’s merch, posters, menus and more; music programmer at Biergarten Rotterdam and dj MeSoJorny, Jorn is largely responsible for Biergarten’s look, sound and feel.

Taking into account that Biergarten pilsner is his favorite drink, you’ll find him hanging out where the sun marks the spot on his days off.

Next to being a Biergarten Legend, he is one of the co-founders of Operator Radio(alongside Jeff SoloMr. Nice GuyOfra BeenenPatrick Marsman) who are broadcasting from the blue container on top (yes!) of Biergarten. So, let’s dig in a bit more in what this radio station and Jorn are all about.

How did Operator come about?

Mr Nice Guy plugged the idea of having an online radio stream like you’ll find in many cosmopolitan cities like London or New York to Jeff [Solo red.] and me.

We were looking to fill the need of a place where Rotterdam DJ talent would have the opportunity to play. In Amsterdam you have Red Light Radio, but Rotterdam didn’t have such a platform yet.

Nowadays Amsterdam DJ’s will travel to Rotterdam to play at Operator.

We invited Patrick Marsman and Ofra Beenen to join, to have a broader representation of musical styles, pitched the idea to Mangrove (now We are you) who supplied us with a team to realize the website and live stream. Operator launched on april 22nd 2017.

How do Operator and Biergarten mix?

Like Operator, Biergarten is a place where innovation happens; and both attract diverse crowds.  So, after Operator was founded and we were looking for a place; Biergarten welcomed us after we pitched our idea and we’ve been here ever since. 

It also creates opportunities for collaborations. Biergarten Soundsystem play tunes at Operator; and Operator DJ’s play live sets at Biergarten, which creates exposure and opportunities for these DJ’s to be booked elsewhere. This way Operator and Biergarten function as stepping stones for DJ talent. 

Do you see opportunities for Operator and Biergarten?

I think a cross over between Operator and Biergarten has potential. The exchange of energy. This is the case for all of District East [the area that Biergarten and Operator are situated in, red.] There is huge potential for collaboration between people, genres and sectors. 

We already do that by inviting cultural partners (e.g. gastronomic platform De Buik van Rotterdam and theatre groups like Club Gewalt and Urland or by collaborating with cultural partners like museum De Kunsthal, cinema Kino and filmfestival IFFR).

Through co-creation we make the city grow.

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